What to do after being in a car accident in Minnesota

Have you recently been injured in car or motor vehicle accident? If so its important you take the following steps to protect you and your loved ones. Below are 7 must do’s if you have been in a car crash.

Rule # 1.   Be calm and stay for a few seconds in your car.  It’s important to take a careful look at the scene; that is if you’re able to move. Is there a need for you to get out of your vehicle?

Rule # 2.    Check any injuries that you might have sustained.  If you or your companion is hurt in any way, then immediately dial 911.  You may need the assistance of police officers if you have experienced a major car crash; they’ll be the ones to create and file a report regarding your accident, which you may need when you file for an insurance claim later. If it’s just one of those fender-benders, I recommend that you call 911 as well; there may be discrepancies from the crash partner and your claim can be denied.

Rule #3.     Move your car to the shoulder of the road. If your companion is injured, then you have to leave the car where it currently is.  Don’t attempt to move your injured loved one or friend out of the car; he or she may have sustained injuries that only the medics are able to address.

Rule #4.      If the other driver is unhurt, you can ask him for important information such as his name, address, phone number, and proof of insurance. You can also ask him to show his driver’s license. If you could look around for a witness, then do so.  Don’t forget to take note of their address or phone numbers as well.

Rule #5.     Contact your insurance company as soon as you can. Your agent should be able to discuss what else you need to do and what things to file

Rule #6.     Photograph the scene if you have a camera phone with you. This is a must and very simple to do.

Rule #7.     Not feeling any pain isn’t a guarantee that you’re not injured. Get yourself checked by a physician as soon as you get out of the crash scene. Don’t wait to have an appointment with your doctor; instead, go to the nearest emergency room and let a doctor take a look at you right away.

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