What is Rock Tape?

One service that we don’t seem to advertise as much as we probably should here at West End Chiropractic and Wellness is the option of kinesiology tape, or Rock Tape.

Wondering what kinesiology tape is for? Read below to decide if using Rock Tape could benefit you!

Wrists and Elbows: Use tape to reduce fatigue, or stabilize. (Perfect for stylists, who use over composite their elbows during a blow out.)

Hamstring: Use tape to coordinate the glute to hamstring and engage posterior chain.

Gastroc: Helps to retain the proper foot/ ankle alignment (Can be used for runners with shin splints)

Neck: Taping helps relieve stress brought on by constantly looking down. (too much smart phone use?)

Mid (Thoracic) Back: Maintains an aerodynamic position and helps the diaphragm function.

Low Back: Can help keep the lumbar curve, enhancing core activation.

Pregnancy: Pregnancy is tough on your body. Got foot swelling? Rocktape can help enhance circulation. How about a sore and fatigued back from all the extra weight? Rocktape can be used to create a “baby sling” over the front of your belly to help support your back. Sciatica? Plantar Fasciitis? Rib Pain? Rocktape can help.

**Note:  Rock Tape (used at West End Chiropractic) is a form of kinesiology tape, however not all kinesiology tape is the same.


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