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Welcome To West End Chiropractic and Wellness of St. Louis Park and Minneapolis. Our focus at West End is simple, to get you back to doing the things you love to do and most importantly doing them pain free. However, in order to remain healthy, proper balance must be attained.

That’s why at West End Chiropractic and Wellness we utilize a team approach that includes Chiropractors, Rehab Specialists, Nutritional Consultants, Massage Therapists and a caring staff dedicated to your well-being. Our bodies are wonderfully complex, integrated systems! Balance in all areas is important if we are to experience true health. We are committed to relieving your pain and improving your health. Our staff has over 15 years of experiencing helping patients achieve their health goals.

Contact us today and see for yourself what a difference the newest in medical equipment and technology can mean for you and your bodies well being.

To Schedule an Appointment call 1-952-500-8477

“At West End Chiropractic and Wellness, our mission is to empower our community to achieve optimal health and well-being through the power of chiropractic. We are committed to doing so with dedication, integrity and holding our selves to the highest standards. We pledge to inspire and lead people to live a full life of health and vitality.”

"Chiropractic Minneapolis"

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