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Recent reports show, 1 in 25 adults and almost as many teenagers have at least as many days with headaches as without them. Many veterans of chronic headaches know exactly what will trigger the pain or make it more likely to happen, and take precautionary steps. They may avoid certain foods. They may take up yoga to offset stress at work. If sensitive to strong odors, they may ask friends and family to go light on perfume. Now researchers are learning that overall health is critical, too.

At West End Chiropractic and Wellness, Dr. Andrew Schwert and Dr. John Wertish have treated thousands of patients suffering from all types of headaches. Whether your struggling with migraines, tension headaches, cluster headaches, etc. the doctors at West End Chiropractic and Wellness can accurately diagnose and treat your headache. To help prevent headaches here are few tips we recommend to greatly reduce your headache risk.

Exercising more. Thirty minutes of walking, biking, or other moderate physical activity at least three times a week is good for managing headaches. Exercise can reduce stress, a recognized cause of headaches.

Losing weight. A 2006 study found that about 4 percent of healthy-weight participants reported frequent migraines—defined as 10 to 14 days per month—compared to 5.8 percent of overweight, 13.6 percent of obese, and 20.7 percent of morbidly obese subjects (those above a normal weight with a BMI of up to 30, 35, and higher respectively). As participants’ BMI increased, the proportion reporting severe headache pain also went up. Shedding pounds appears to help reduce headaches in sufferers who are overweight.

Adjusting sleep. As little as one hour more or less than usual could bring on a headache. The standard recommendation is eight hours and experts says headache sufferers could benefit from sticking to that.

Modifying diet. Certain foods seem to trigger headaches in some people. Alcohol and chocolate are candidates, but a likelier culprit is coffee—even though caffeine helps relieve headache pain (it is an ingredient in several prescription headache meds). It can get you from both ends: A study published in July in the journal Headache found that adolescents who guzzle one or more cup per day boosted their chance of a migraine, while studies show that quitting a coffee habit can produce withdrawal headaches in adults.

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