Stay in Shape this Fall!

Don’t let the cooler air and the thought of being bundled up all winter get you off track with your fitness goals this fall and winter! A better way to think about it? Get your fitness plan going this season to ensure that you are in routine and already feeling your best once spring reaches us again! Here are some simple tips to staying in shape this season.

  • Use your TV as an excuse to work out: With fall premieres starting on all your favorite shows, make yourself a deal, that you will watch every single one of them! The catch? Use commercial time to get yourself in shape. Do triceps dips off the edge of the couch, squat for that three minute time frame, or test your skills and try to hit a specific goal (100 sit ups before your show starts back up?)
  • Don’t worry about over heating: Get outside and take advantage of the crisp air. Go for a run or walk and take in the beautiful fall colors that aren’t going to stick around for long.
  • Because the temps are dropping try something new: Unfortunately, with fall here, winter is right around the corner. With those freezing temps coming up, try something new indoors. Have you been wanting to check out a spin class at your gym? Do it. Warm up by attending some Hot Yoga classes (bring water!) or get yourself signed up for kickboxing or karate.
  • Remember that working out doesn’t have to be “planned”: Have some other hobbies that you are interested in? Use the fall colors as an excuse to take a hike and bring your camera with to brush up on some gorgeous photography photo opportunities or finish some gardening by raking and hauling bags on leaves (or shoveling snow).

Around here we’re hoping for a mild winter, but try to make the best of situation, Working out always tends to warm up those muscles a little more.

fall workout

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