St. Louis Park Clinic Treats Headaches from Auto Accidents

Migraines and other types of headaches are painful and can rob you of your quality of life. The National Headache Foundation estimates that currently over 28 million Americans suffer from headaches and migraines at this very moment. Headaches as a result of a Motor Vehicle Accident are one of the most common things we treat at West End Chiropractic and Wellness. Our doctors and staff have over 20 years of experiencing treating headache based pain.

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During a typical motor vehicle accident the force of the collision will cause damage to ligaments and nerves in the neck, causing headaches and other painful symptoms. In low impact accidents it is common that the pain will be delayed until weeks, sometimes even months after the initial accident and will slowly become more painful over time. It is because of this that we encourage all victims of motor vehicle accidents to seek medical attention after any auto accident, regardless of the severity. 

At West End Chiropractic and Wellness our staff and doctors have specialized in treating auto accidents for years, taking every step necessary to ensure quality care for each patient’s specific needs.

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