Physical Therapy and Adjustments

Not all Chiropractors offer the benefits of Physical Therapy along with their care. West End Chiropractic and Wellness provides Chiropractic care as well as Physical Therapy to help you optimize all the health benefits you can under one roof.

Chiropractic and physical therapy (PT) tend to go hand in hand. They are both natural treatments that seek to restore lost health and function without drugs or surgery.

Sometimes chiropractic adjustments need a little help to cement your alignment in place, which is way we offer various exercises to help you get the most out of each treatment. Having a full team of trained rehab specialists enables us to treat the most challenging injuries and improve outcomes.  We also have a medical nurse practitioner on site just in case you feel a 2nd opinion is needed or you need further pain management help.

Our PT and chiropractic combo is extremely beneficial when it comes to sports injuries or auto accidents. Aligning the spine is great, but if there are injuries that require rehabilitation then PT is probably a good idea as well. We use a routine of stretches and muscle building exercises to help get you feeling better faster. Rehab Specialists will run you through your routines making sure form and exercises are done properly, while a chiropractor is always nearby to answer questions that may arise.

When you rehabilitate an injured body part properly you increase the odds of a long lasting permanent solution. The Chiropractic and PT combo is great if this is your goal. Chiropractic will build a foundation while PT will keep the foundation sturdy. Once you have graduated you’re your PT, most likely a maintenance care plan will be suggested to keep up with chiropractic adjustments. Maintenance care reduces the odds of re-injury and increases the odds of long term success.

Offering a variety of care options is just one way that we live the West End Way, and we want you to join us! To schedule an appointment please give us a call (952) 500-8477 or check out our website!

Physical Therapist Working with Patient

Physical Therapist Working with Patient

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