Mindfulness Techniques

At West End Chiropractic and Wellness we treat patients every day with a variety of health issues that are caused by a myriad of stressors and incidents. For many of our patients helping balance out the emotional side of the equation can help improve their healing significantly. Today we go over a few great meditation and mindfulness techniques.

Mindfulness Techniques

1.) Transcendental Meditation or “Mantra-based” Meditation

~ The idea with transcendental meditation is to reach enlightenment.

~ 2 x a day for 20, recommended one session be in the morning before you get going.

~ 3 syllable mantra, no words just sounds

~Eventually with practice you can uses your mantra as a way to calm yourself in any situation as it will trigger a parasympathetic response in nervous system.

2.) Affirmations and Visualization

~ Similar to transcendental meditation, you can use mantras that have specific wording to meditate with.

~Helpful when a certain issue is causing you stress.

~This process helps with detaching from learned tendencies to worry/fear/be stressed out by things out of our control. (PS most of the things we worry about never happen)

Example: if money or paying bills is causing stress, hold the mantra “I have everything I need to be safe in my life” or “Abundance comes to me easy and effortlessly”

~Quieting the mind takes practice, if the mind can’t stay with mantra with ease, visualization is helpful.

~Hold imagery in your head of things that make you happy, or how you look totally fulfilled in life.

3.) Moving consciousness throughout the body.

~ There are 7 main energy centers (that we know of) in the body, often called chakras.

~ In a mindfulness session, bring you conscious awareness from your head and into the throat, heart, gut, sacrum, or feet.

~Putting a light hand on region can help lead your consciousness into these areas.

~You can also use this technique to consciously assess pain throughout your day. Bringing awareness to the area instead of reacting the pain.

Easy Tips for everyday meditation. 

1.) Ritualize it!

2.) Be aware of your breath as often as you can and deepen it. (Studies have shown that if you take more than 14 breathes per minute your brain thinks its in survival mode and triggers sympathetic nervous system.)

3.) Give yourself space to not be perfect at it for a while. A lot of people give up because they get frustrated with not being able to sit still or quiet the mind. It takes time, so if your mind wanders let it and more importantly don’t stress about it doing so (that is why having a mantra can bring you back as the mind wanders).

4.) Brain/heart harmonizing… takes 3 minutes.

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