Benefits of Long Term Chiropractic Care

Usually when someone thinks of seeing a Chiropractor their main focus is to relieve back pain. Most commonly patients start chiropractic care with the idea of pain management, which is great! However, there are so many reasons to keep up with care. As short term care will help with a person’s pain management, long term chiropractic care is just as beneficial, if not more so.

We see a lot of patients fall off their treatment plan once their pain has resided, but we want to push just how important it is to keep your body in alignment long term. Long term chiropractic care can help with lung capacity, visual acuity, reaction time, balance, and cardiovascular health, just to name a few.

Proper alignment of the body also supports organ health and the immune system since keeping up with adjustments has a direct affect to your nervous system.

-Your immune system will not be as compromised: When your spine is subluxated it is blocking the neurotransmitters to the brain. This means that your body is focusing more on the misalignment of the spine rather than the pesky germs that are working towards getting you sick.

-Proper Spine Alignment also effects how well your organs are functioning: There is a direct line from each of your organs, to specific vertebrae. When your chiropractor properly adjusts these vertebrae it keeps those organs working to the best of their ability which in turn decreases your chance of disease and illness, among other things like constipation, acid reflux, congestion, asthma, etc.

-Your Range of Motion is going to benefit: Many chiropractors also perform soft tissue work on muscles, ligaments, and tendons surrounding the joints. If you do come across pain in any of these areas your Chiropractor will work with you on therapies to increase your range of motion in a timely manner. Because of this, your risk of injury also decreases. At West End Chiropractic and Wellness the chiropractors also assign physical therapy exercises that will increase and maintain normal joint movement, increase joint flexibility and improve patients’ ability to perform daily activities longer, and pain free.

-Your lung capacity is going to increase: Lung capacity is something that one would normally not associate with spinal care, but studies have proven that one’s forced vital capacity (the amount of air that is moved in and out of your lungs) improves substantially  with long term (14 months in this specific study) chiropractic care. Having an increased lung capacity can also lessen your risk of stroke, heart attack, and other potentially life-shortening cardiovascular problems.

All in all, there is a reason why long term chiropractic care is recommended by your chiropractor. Once you are free of pain and your body is responding well to adjustments your chiropractic will adjust a maintenance plan accordingly. Just as it is advised to keep up with oral and eye care, it is equally important to keep up with spinal care!

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