How Healthy is your Gut?

A Healthy Gut? Yeah, it seems weird but your Gut is essential to your overall well-being. Many times this aspect of well-being is overlooked because we simply don’t know the importance of how well cultured bacteria in our gut plays a role in our health. Everything from immune system support to mood to cholesterol levels, to hormone balances and everyday energy can be impacted by an under active gut. The biggest thing we can do for this important piece of our health is make sure we give our bodies what is needed to support the proper bacteria within our digestive system. The following article today covers areas that you can focus on daily to help improve your Gut Health!

1) Diet high in vegetables, legumes, beans, and fruit

Examples:   Raspberries     Artichokes     Whole grains    Green peas      Broccoli                                            Beans  (kidney, pinto and white)   Chickpeas     Lentils

What these foods have in common is they are all high in fiber; which is commonly known to be good for digestive health. Fiber alone does not bring in good kinds of bacteria, but the existing bacteria in our gut helps break down the fiber, which in turns fuels them and promotes future growth.

2) Fermented and cultured foods

Examples: Greek Yogurt    Sauerkraut    Fermented beets    Cured Olives     Cheese                                      Buttermilk       Kombucha

These foods bring different kinds of bacteria into the body to help support a well-rounded colony of bacteria in a natural way.

3) Probiotics

A probiotic supplement can help make sure there is sufficient amounts of a bacteria within your system. This is not always a cure-all in efforts to form a healthy gut but if poor diet is something seems to be a lingering issue this can be a helpful addition into your daily regimen.  Talk to a medical provider before starting a Probiotic supplement as their are variety of supplements out there with varying benefits.

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