How Does Foam Rolling Work?

Foam Rolling is a form of self- myofascial release. Deep compression helps to break up or relax tight muscles and adhesions formed between muscle layers and their surroundings.

Imagine you are tenderizing your own muscles. They should be soft and supple like a baby’s muscles. However, if our muscles are not taken care of properly we can experience loss of flexibility, adhesions, and painful movement.

The deep compression of self-myofascial release allows normal blood flow to return and the restoration of healthy tissue. The body naturally wants to be healthy and strong, but sometimes an extra boost is needed to achieve optimal muscle and tissue health, which is why foam rolling is recommended.

To foam roll properly, apply moderate pressure to a specific muscle or muscle group using the roller and your body weight. You should roll slowly, no more than one inch per second. When you find areas that are tight or painful, pause for several seconds, and relax as much as possible. You should slowly start to feel the muscle releasing, and after 5-30 seconds the discomfort or pain should lessen.

If an area is too painful to apply direct pressure, shift the roller and apply pressure on the surrounding area and gradually work to loosen the entire area.

Never roll a joint or bone. Avoid rolling directly over your spine.

If you have questions regarding form or how to use your foam roller, give us a call! (952) 500-8477

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