Headaches and Chiropractic Care

Did you know that most headaches consist of muscle tension? Muscle tension around the cervical spine constricts neurotransmitters, which deliver messages to the brain, initially telling your body that something is off. There are many types of headaches that the majority of people suffer from, and most, if not all, can be treated by chiropractic care vs a pain reliever which is only masking the actual problem.

Your chiropractor will be able to perform a spinal exam to determine whether or not your headaches are related to subluxation. When subluxated your nervous system is being blocked and unable to send the correct signals, which can cause chemical interference to the brain or cause the nerves and blood vessels outside of your skull to act up. In recent studies it has been proven that between 75% and 78% of migraine victims experienced relief from regular chiropractic care. If your case is something that does require the care of a specialist, your chiropractor will refer you out to them.

Unfortunately, way too many people rely on pain relievers to cover up the symptoms of a headache. By doing this you are not actually fixing the problem, and if your case is severe then you could be making it worse by masking the pain. That being said, many medical doctors will prescribe a CT scan or MRI to visualize the cause of a headache. However, it has been reported that just one in 11,200 patients will actually have a headache problem that would show up on one of these tests, but yet up to one-third of headache sufferers are still getting CT or MRI scans. When being adjusted by a chiropractor many people will experience almost immediate relief as pressure is taken off of the cervical spine, others who are being adjusted regularly will notice symptoms decline after several weeks. It is important to remember though, that every case is different and will depend on your specific situation. Make sure to ask your Chiropractor what would work best for you!


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