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Looking to improve your golf game? Hitting what seems to be an endless amount of golf balls on the driving range? Unsure whats wrong with your swing? Maybe its time to look at your golf swing in a new way.

Dr. Andrew Schwert, D.C is a leading Golf Swing Biomechancial Expert and Titleist Performance Institute provider who specalizes in assessing the bodies dysfunction that prevents you the golfer from being able to maximize your golf swing. Through a one on one golf swing assessment, Dr. Schwert will analyze your bodies physical and functional capabilities along with video analysis of your golf swing to identify physical limitations in real time. By being able to address these limitations and restoring optimal body function, your golf game will soar to new levels.

Just listen to some of Dr. Schwert’s patients –

” I had been struggling with a pull for a few years. As a result, I was working with a local pro who told me my swing was over the top. After 3 lessons and hundreds of balls nothing changed. He recommended I get a golf swing assessment with Dr. Schwert. After my initial consultation, Dr. Schwert identified dysfunctional patterns that occured during my golf swing and within a few short visits I was hitting the ball straight off the tee for the first time in 5 years” – Kyle W

” As a low handicapper I was looking to gain extra distance, something that could push me over the hump. However, for some reason I was not as consistent off the tee and therefore not as long as I wanted to be. I have been working with Dr. Schwert for about a month and have added 10 yards to my drives. The knowledge and understanding he has is simply amazing….This is a must for all golfers who want to get better!” – Steve A

Dr. Andrew Schwert not only specalizes in Golf Swing Biomechanics, but he also treats many common golf injuries including neck, mid back, low back pain, shoulder pain and elbow/wrist tendonitis. If you have been suffering from or are currently suffering from these common ailments schedule a consultation at West End Chiropractic and Wellness.

To schedule a Golf Swing Biomechancial Assessment call West End Chiropractic and Wellness at (952) 500-8477.

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