Exercises for training for a 5K

At West End Chiropractic and Wellness of Minneapolis and St. Louis Park we get the opportunity to work with a variety of athletes day in and day out. One of the most common types of athletes we see in our office are runners. Whether they are a weekend warrior, a high school athlete or a marathoner we see it all. One of the biggest issues runners face is pain due to the wear and tear on their bodies. At West End Chiropractic and Wellness our doctors have over 20 years of experience helping athletes get out of pain and also improve their ability to perform.

A common question we get asked is by many of our patients who are beginners or training for a 5K, they want to know good exercises to help train for running. Well, today we have listed 4 great exercises to help strengthen the key running muscles. If you are dealing with pain see a medical provider such as a chiropractor before performing these exercises. For more information about West End Chiropractic click the following link: West End Chiropractic and Wellness or call us today at (952) 500-8477


1) Body weight Squats

Stand with your feet hip distance apart with your toes facing forward. Sit back like you are sitting in a chair behind you without allowing your knees to drift beyond your toes. Sit back until you feel your glutes, quads and hamstrings engage (about a 90 degree angle in your knees) and come back up to standing. Complete eight to 12 repetitions, adding weight when this becomes easy.

2) Single-Leg Deadlifts

Holding free weights or a barbell in front of your body slightly, bend one knee, hinge forward at the waist and lift the opposite leg behind you. Lower the weights, keeping them very close to the tops of your legs until you reach just below your knees. Engage your hamstring and glute of the leg planted on the ground and come back to standing. Repeat eight to 12 reps and switch to the other leg.

3) Core Work

There are hundreds of exercises to do to strengthen your core. Crunches, planks, the bicycle, reverse crunch—they are all effective. Our favorites are planks and side planks. The important issue is doing these exercises often and treating them as just as important part of your training schedule as your weekly long runs or speed drills.

4) Single-Leg Squats

Balancing on one foot and squat down, bending at the knee and sitting your hips back as if you are going to sit in a chair behind you. Once down to about a 90 to 115 degree angle in your knee, extend your leg back up to standing. If this is too challenging allow the toes of your hovering foot to lightly rest on the ground. Complete eight to 12 repetition then switch to the other leg. These are very difficult, perform only if able to tolerate.

If dealing with pain consult with medical provider before performing.


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