Essential Oils and your Skin

westendchiroskincareEssential oils are great option for skin care needs because they are natural with little to no side effects, and because of their chemical makeup, they easily absorbed by our skin so you are able to get the most benefits out of them. But, what conditions can oil treat for skin care? Really, there are no limits.

From wound care, to dryness and wrinkles there is an essential oil to help your skin. Here are a few options for you to consider:

  • Frankincense – GREAT for wrinkles, promotes regeneration of healthy skin cells, keeps existing skin cells health. Also great for itchy skin/dry skin, cuts, scars (reduces appearance).
  • Lavender – Cuts and wounds, disinfects and heals. Eczema/Itchy Skin. Eyelashes, put a drop in your mascara to lengthen lashes and make mascara last longer. Chapped lips (make your own lip balm)! Acne.
  • Elemi – Rejuvenates skin, heals chapped skin, anti-aging, repairs damaged skin, used in eastern skin care for centuries
  • Orange oil – improves dull complexion, good for oily complexion, soothing for dermatitis, good for wrinkle prevention

By adding roughly 20-40 drops of your preferred essential oil to 4-8 oz of your favorite carrier oil, you can easily make a great moisturizer for your face or body!

For more severe dermatitis or other skin conditions, West End Chiropractic and Wellness has a Primary Care Provider on site that can answer any questions you may have. From eczema to mole biopsy, our Nurse Practitioner is able to help with any skin care issue you may be experiencing!

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  1. Great sharing. Essential oils are very much helpful for our skin . I love it very much. It makes my skin & hair healthy and lighter. Your post leads more info about Essential oils. Your post is very helpful for all. Have a great week.

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