Trump the Cold and Flu Virus this Season…

…With Vitamin D, Thieves Oil, Immuplex and Congaplex

The Chiropractors at West End Chiropractic and Wellness have put together a basic list of supplements just for you, to help you stay healthy this season!

Why Vitamin D? Vitamin D is an important part of the immune system. People who have low vitamin D levels may have a higher chance of getting influenza, this is because there are vitamin D receptors found on cells in the immune system. And, vitamin D can bind to these receptors and reduce the levels of inflammatory proteins called cytokines, as well as increase the amounts of antimicrobial proteins, which destroy invading germs and viruses. This combination of lowering inflammation and increasing antimicrobial defenses can help your immune system fight infections better.

Why Thieves?  Thieves oil is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-septic. There are also many ways to use thieves oil to reap the benefits. When taken internally, Thieves supports healthy immune function, and it includes Eucalyptus radiata essential oil, which may help maintain a healthy respiratory system. It can also be used topically, on pressure points and the bottom of the feet for an extra health boost during cold and flu season. Thieves is able to suppress the cold and flu virus. Diffuse in the air, mix it with water to use on household surfaces, or add to your dishwasher to really disinfect.

Why Immuplex (Standard Process)? Immuplex helps to support the immune system when used long term. It combines vitamins A, C and E with vitamin B12, folic acid, Zinc, Iron, Copper, etc. Immuplex is different from other immune boosting supplements because it does not support just one area of the immune system, but multiples, including the spleen, long bones, stomach, digestive system, and liver. Immuplex is best used by the person who seems to “always” get sick. If your co-worker is sick, and you know you are about to feel ill within 2 days of being exposed to that person, then Immuplex is for you!

Why Congaplex (Standard Process)? Congaplex is perfect to use when you can feel that immune system is failing you. If you feel symptoms of a cold, flu, congestion, inflammation or any other systemic infection then use a higher level of congaplex, 6-12 capsules daily will help you fend off those pesky cold and flu virus’s within a week. Congaplex contains cytosol extracts which help support white blood cells, and in return contribute to the healthy response of the immune system.

We hope this list will keep you going all season long! However, remember to keep getting adjusted. Having your Thoracic (mid back) spine adjusted regularly helps boost your immune system, increase white blood cell counts, and relieves congestion!


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4 Responses to Trump the Cold and Flu Virus this Season…

  1. Joel says:

    Thieves oil sounds really interesting. I’d never heard of it before now. My mom likes to use oils like that, especially during cold and flu season. I’ll have to show her this article and see what she thinks. Thanks for sharing,

  2. Brena says:

    My brain is a bit having a hard time processing the word “thieves oil”. lol. The first thing that comes out from my mind was pirates holding a special vial of oil and thieves, i mean literally thieves selling oils. ha ha. Anyway I’m back on track, my mom once told me that garlic is also good for boosting the immune system. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    • westendchiro says:

      It got its name from the when the plague was going around France. “Thieves” were using the specific blend to rob graves and “magically” were the only people NOT catching the the plague!

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