Chiropractor in St. Louis Park to help Nervous System

At West End Chiropractic and Wellness, we get a lot of patients that come into our office looking to get out of pain. Whether its neck pain, stomach pain or low back pain, but what many people and patients do not realize is how chiropractic care can effect the nervous system in a very beneficial way.

Chiropractic adjustments are specific techniques delivered by hand and/or instrument to help resolve chiropractic subluxations(bone and joint misalignments)  Today we will explain why the chiropractic adjustment is so effective at reducing pain, and helping the body relax and function optimally by helping improve the nervous system.

Our doctors at West End Chiropractic utilize their clinical experience and patient knowledge to diagnose your condition along with any subluxations you may have.  By understanding the patient’s subjective complaints, exam findings, x-ray findings and many other indicators to properly diagnose the joint misalignment or subluxation and perform the chiropractic adjustment to fix the problem.

Pain Relief is one of the main effects that happen after a chiropractic adjustment.  This occurs due to a number of reasons.  When a misalignment is reduced, there are chemicals such as serotonin which are released at the level of the spinal adjustment.  This reduces the pain.  There is also a neurological response that happens when the chiropractor gives an adjustment.  The body senses this adjustment and sends a signal to the brain (specifically the thalamus).  The thalamus then transmits another nerve to the cerebral cortex to ascertain what happened.  The cortex then transmits a neurological response to the hypothalamus.  The hypothalamus then transmits the brain’s response down the spinal cored to the level of the spinal adjustment and releases serotonin to reduce the pain.  The hypothalamus can also send signals to the autonomic nervous system to reduce muscle spasm and other visceral responses such as lowering blood pressure and relaxing the patient.  In short, this is what happens with a chiropractic adjustment and why it helps people’s pain helping them feel better.

When your spine has a subluxation, the misaligned bone places pressure on the nerve at that joint. This pressure or irritation leads to decreased firing or compromises the nerves ability to work. As a result of a subluxation, your bodies function has decreased, leading to your body having to work harder than normal. By adjusting the subluxated bone, your nervous system function will improve allowing your body to work properly!

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    Great article, I have been experiencing severe pain lately due to a recurring injury. I’ll be giving you guys a call later this week. Thank you! <a href=";

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