Chiropractic Treatment for Hip Pain

There are many reasons for having pain over the hip. One of the most common reasons is referred pain from the back. Osteoarthritis of the hip joint is a problem affecting mainly older people and is the most common disease affecting the hip joint, with 25% of women and 15% of men experiencing symptoms over the age of 60 years.

Previous trauma, such as fracture, dislocation or diseases of a joint often predisposes it to osteoarthritic change. You are also more likely to get it if you have a family history of the disease and you are more at risk if you are obese, as that puts more stress on your hips. But you can get osteoarthritis even if you do not have any risk factors.

A final reason people suffer from Hip Pain is due to poor biomechanics of the feet, ankles, knees and spine. If your body is not aligned or moving properly certain areas can have added stress as a result and the hips are a common problem area.

At West End Chiropractic and Wellness our doctors and staff have treated numerous types of conditions that cause hip pain. If you are suffering from hip pain call us today at (952) 500-8477 or click here to schedule a FREE EXAM

The goals of chiropractic care in treating hip pain

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Improving movement of the joint
  • Relaxing painful muscle spasm
  • Strengthening weakened muscles
  • Lifestyle and exercise advice
  • Nutritional advice

At West End Chiropractic our treatment varies from patient to patient but often will involve stretching and massage techniques to tight and tender muscles, gentle mobilization techniques and manipulation of the effected joints and the use of ultrasound or interferential modalities.

You will also be given exercises based on your personal need and fitness level.

Good nutritional support and a healthy lifestyle are always important to keep you healthy and feeling well. It becomes particularly important if your body needs to heal from an injury.

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