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Have you or someone you know been recently involved in a car accident? Dealing with pain, soreness or potential injury? Many states, such as Minnesota, offer personal injury protection from auto accidents regardless of who is at fault for the accident.  This is known as No-Fault Insurance, and allows you to choose a health care provider for your care.  At West End Chiropractic and Wellness we have helped numerous individuals involved in accidents get out of pain and back on with life.  We strongly recommend seeking chiropractic care after an accident, unless the injuries require an emergency room visit.

It is recommended to get a thorough check-up after a car accident, even if you feel fine.  Symptoms may not show up immediately, and some injuries do not show themselves for months or even years after the accident.  Visiting a chiropractor for a thorough check-up ensures that you receive timely care, and chiropractors are specially trained to look for common auto accident injuries such as whiplash, concussion, pain/stiffness in muscles and joints, subluxations, and even sprained or fractured bones.

Whiplash is probably the single most common auto accident injury.  Whiplash occurs
when the crash impact causes the neck to jerk backward or forward, causing neck strain.  Torn or stretched muscles and tendons of the neck are the result, and can be quite painful.  In addition to pain, many whiplash victims experience limited range-of-motion, tightness in the neck, and even muscles that feel hard or knotted.

Chiropractic care is very effective for treating whiplash.  While an injury is acute, your
chiropractor will guide you on using ice and heat to control pain and reduce muscle spasms.  They can also use ultrasound, electric stimulation or laser therapy to provide some immediate relief.

When the spasms and pain are under control, your chiropractor will probably start chiropractic adjustments to the neck and spine.  These adjustments can correct the subluxations and offer pain relief as well as increasing range-of-motion. Massage and acupuncture treatment may also be offered to help with your injury.

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