Can I exercise while going to the Chiropractor?

Keeping yourself physically fit is one of the best things you can do for your health; and it is a health category that is within your control.  If you have not been physically active in some time, a good place to start is visiting your local chiropractor.  At West End Chiropractic and Wellness our doctors can assess your health and advise you on a physical fitness program that is right for your current physical ability. We also recommend that if you are out of pain to continue working out while seeing your chiropractor.

Here are some great fitness tips from the doctors at West End Chiropractic.

Fitness Tips:

1.  Design a Well-Rounded Program:  Vary what you do each day, so your body doesn’t adapt and stays challenged.  Include aerobic activity, interval training, stretching, strength training and core exercises.

2.  Warm-up and Cool-down properly:  Warm-up exercises are only necessary when doing aerobic exercises such as sprinting and aerobic interval training.  Warm-up by doing 5-10 reps of exercises for different parts of the body such as squats, toe-touches, arm circles, trunk twists, lunges, and side bends.  March in place, jog slowly, and do low-intensity aerobic exercises for 5 minutes.  After a work-out stretching will prevent muscle soreness.  5 minutes should be sufficient for a proper cool-down stretch.

3.  Allow Recovery Time:  As your workout intensity increases, you will need to allow additional time for your body to recovery.  In other words, your workout frequency can decrease as your intensity increases.  If you experience mild muscle soreness, it can be helpful to perform light resistance exercises to relieve the soreness.  If you experience pain, it is best to rest the muscle affected, and visit your chiropractor for an evaluation of the source of the pain.

4.  Make Workouts Enjoyable:  Figure out what type of exercise you like, group fitness classes, working out with your favorite music or a workout buddy, or enjoying the great outdoors while exercising.  You will need to vary your workouts to keep your muscles and your mind from getting bored.  Many people find working out with a friend holds them accountable, challenges them, and makes working out more fun.  Some people keep a journal of their physical activity to track their progress and keep them motivated.

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