Snow Shoveling a Pain the Back?

West End Chiropractic and Wellness is here to help!

We recently had our first round of winter here in the Twin Cities. With the first bout of snow comes lots of middle and lower back pain. It happens every year. Muscles that have not been used since the previous winter are now inflamed, in pain, and unhappy. But, don’t just reach for your first bottle of pain killers (to just mask the pain), let a simple, gentle, yet effective chiropractic adjustment get you back on your way to health.

Here are a few tips to help get your through the winter back pain blues.. If you are not lucky enough to have some neighborhood kids volunteer to shovel for you, you must, yourself, remember to bend and lift with the knees while shoveling. People tend to hurt themselves when they bend with their back. This is where muscles will become sprained and strained. You might not feel the tightness while you are out there on your driveway, but the next morning you will be feeling it!

Bending with your back can also cause discs to bulge will can cause all other sorts of nightmares. If you feel any tingling or shooting sensations down your leg, get to your chiropractor immediately. This will decrease your chances of getting sciatica or lower back problems while shoveling. Nonetheless, always keep in mind that it’s always better to bend with the knees and lift with the legs.

If you do come across  some “shoveling aches and pains,” don’t wait until the pain has immobilized you, come into West End Chiropractic and we will get you fixed up ASAP. If you are already in pain, call us (952) 500-8477 to schedule your exam and consultation


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