How to Avoid Sports Injury this Season

The NFL Football season is here and school is almost back in session, which means high school and college sports are too!  Here are a few key tips to help your body in top performance and to avoid sports injuries including; knee pain, tweaked backs, muscle strains, and concussions.

  • Stay Hydrated. This does not mean drinking sports drinks that are labeled specifically for athletes. But, drink plain, old water. If your joints aren’t hydrated they are much more susceptible to tears and injury. Water consumption is also important as it helps keep athletes in peak performance.
  •  Up your Vitamin C intake. Vitamin C is responsible to keeping collagen strong, and collagen is responsible for holding bones together as well as providing strength and flexibility for ligaments and tendons. Sometimes all it might take is a squeeze of fresh lemon in your water!
  • The Trifecta. It may surprise you, but calcium actually has two silent partners that don’t get nearly enough acknowledgment. For your body to be able to absorb calcium to keep your bones strong, you also need an adequate amount of magnesium and Vitamin D.
  • Calm Inflammation. Most people are defiant in Omega-3, and omega-3 is crucial to help your body heal from inflammation, also, it can increase the effectiveness in most anti-inflammatory medications. Try getting Omega-3’s from Wild caught salmon and trout; otherwise a supplement may be a good idea for athletes.
  • Put healing on the fast track. Adding zinc to your diet can increase the healing of tissues and wounds if you are already injured. Zinc is also a big part of keeping your immune system in check so you are healthy for the entire season!

Taking advantage of chiropractic care is also extremely beneficial when trying to prevent (or heal) a sports injury. Keeping up on your wellness plan and physical therapy exercises are going to benefit your sports career. It is also a very natural way to train your body and muscles to stay in the correct places so that if you do experience an injury, it is much simpler to bounce back into all-star shape.

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