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Improve your Health in 2 Easy Steps

A main factor so many Americans suffer with excess weight, insulin resistance, and associated metabolic health related problems is because of the foods and beverages they consume are heavily processed. Added sugars especially processed high fructose corn syrup, and toxic GMO’s are … Continue reading

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Easy, High Protein Energy Bars

Here at West End Chiropractic and Wellness we offer Nutrition and Wellness Consulting. If you are looking for a healthy treat to add to your day look no further than this protein packed energy bar, a perfect option for the … Continue reading

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Suffering from an Injury this Summer?

Coming into summer a lot of people are getting outside and being more active. This can lead  to a variety of sports related injuries whether your out playing basketball in the driveway, or just chasing a toddler around the park. … Continue reading

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Allergies vs Sensitivity

What are allergies? An allergy is an immune system response. Your immune system is your body’s defense against invaders of any kind. The body produces an antibody as a response to the stressor. Allergies can be caused by many things … Continue reading

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