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Treatment for Tendinitis

Are you suffering with acute or chronic tendonitis? Have you tried over the pain medication or different treatment options and nothing is working? Maybe you are looking in the wrong spot. At West End Chiropractic and Wellness of Minneapolis, St. … Continue reading

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Benefits of Chiropractic for Newborns

When a newborn or young child is suffering from any one of a number of physical difficulties or illnesses, the best place to start the diagnosis and correction process could be with a visit to a chiropractor. A child goes … Continue reading

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Best position for sleeping

  What position do you sleep in? As soon as we are able to curl up in bed by ourselves, we fix on a preferred sleep posture; crawling into bed and assuming the same position every night without much thought. … Continue reading

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Chiropractor for Body Builders – Minneapolis, Mn

Most of us know the benefits of chiropractic care, whether we have been to one or a friend or family member has. The common understanding is, if your in pain, a chiropractor can help get you out of pain. However, … Continue reading

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